A Human Trafficking Documentary

What is Strong Survival?


Strong Survival documents human trafficking activist and survivor Maya's experiences as a trafficked youth from Sonoma County


Maya offers an unflinching and courageous account of her experiences, exploring the impact of the emotional and physical damage of human trafficking


Strong Survival seeks to bring more awareness to a pervasive and often overlooked problem in the Bay Area




Shynie is a 4th-year student at Santa Clara University, double majoring in Public Health Science and Biology. During her free time, Shynie is heavily involved with the American Red Cross, works as a student researcher at Santa Clara University, and serves as an Ambassador for Shared Hope International. Shynie is particularly passionate about social justice and human rights, and has plans to pursue healthcare.

Shynie Lu

Maya is from Sonoma County, California, and is a student at the Santa Rosa Junior College, majoring in History. She hopes to achieve teaching credentials upon graduation and fulfill her dream of becoming a middle school history teacher. Maya has a passion for musical theatre and she works as an actress, artist, model, and human trafficking survivor advocate. Over the past few years, Maya has worked on two films about her experience with trafficking: Strong Survival and Playing the Game. 

Maya Babow

Survivor, Activist
“Steven” Tianyue Gu, is a freshman at the University of Richmond, hoping to major in International Relations or Marketing. He excels in multiple areas including academics, tennis, and photography. For the past four years, Steven worked as a Marketing & Communication Intern with his high school's Marketing Department while volunteering inside and outside the school community. In the future, Steven hopes to spread cultural awareness and promote world peace.

Steven Gu


Benjamin Staub

Stage and Sound Manager
Having had experiences with a broad array of projects, media, and clientele, Ben Staub brings a diverse skill set. Ben is an adept videographer, editor, and director. Additionally, he has over 3 years of experiences as a production director at a radio station conglomerate, where he collaborated with a team of program directors in a swift-moving creative environment. Ben's friendly and approachable presence, coupled with his quick adaptability, has garnered him great esteem with his colleagues and clients.

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