What is Strong Survival?


Strong Survival documents human trafficking activist Maya's experiences as a trafficked youth from Sonoma County


Starting at the age of 12, Maya offers an unflinching and courageous account of her experiences, exploring the impact of the emotional and physical damage of human trafficking


Strong Survival seeks to bring more awareness to a pervasive and often overlooked problem in the Bay Area




"We have reached a point where eradicating trafficking is no longer restricted to a few willing individuals. It is our duty to defend human rights. We have the power."

- Shynie


"We need to better educate ourselves. Learn how traffickers work, and stop the demand. If we stop the demand, there is no need for supply."

- Maya


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Shynie Lu


Sonoma County Commission

on Human Rights


Verity (Santa Rosa)


707-545-7273 (24/7 Crisis Line)

Thank You for Joining Us in Defending Human Rights



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